High Sensitivity

Extraordinary Gain – high sensitivity! Why dictates high sensitivity your life?

Thin ice or strength? Your decision!



„Come on, don’t react so sensitively.”
How often you’ve heard that? How many times you’ve delivered a solution while the other person started to explain you the circumstances again? How many times you’ve perceived more than people around you?


Interesting fact: How Yoga supports you to achieve your power through high sensitivity:

How do I know – I am high sensitive?


The internet is full of tests – try one! 

Why is effective Yoga so important for high sensitive persons?


Daily practice strengthen your body, your nervous system & your aura.
Your subconsciousness will be cleaned from the daily information overload & the battery recharged.

With the Chakra-balance by Kundalini Yoga there are no longer theological boxes for you.
E.g.: Offender & victim-role (navel) – set limits to something – also learning to say “NO” come through.
Helper syndrome is a lack of the heart chakra! Speaking open & truthful is easier and intended.
More independency means less influence from outside.


Yoga relaxes, slows down, brings you a break to feel and find yourself.


Mantras chanten (singing) has an effect of your subconsciousness immediately. Try it – Go for it!


How supports regular meditation practice a person with high sensitivity?


Pass your subjects to the universe easily, it will free you. Meditation sharpens your senses.
breathing stabilizes and clears you from emotional outbursts.
Endorphins (feel good hormons) will be formed and the „grey matter“ increases.


Questions become clearer. E.g.:


Who am I? What says the “opposite side” because it is him/ her sight? (… nothing to do with me.)
What can I leave with that person without own identification?
What is really mine – also feelings?


Each of this and many other subjects will be cleared by a stable meditation practice.
Effective Kundalini Yoga Kriyas bring you to the real state of inner silence -> Shuniya.
Immediately clarity replaces long considerations of decisions.
You feel centered & intuition developes.
That helps to ride the waves of life easily. No need fighting through them.
Things come automatically and with ease to you.


Which role has nutrition with high sensitive persons?

A stable rhythm calms.
High sensitive persons has a lot to carry. They are stressed more easily, because of verbal and nonverbal information they get unfiltered.
(They hear/ feel mostly 100%.) Missing balance makes them ill – quicker and even harder.
Conscious meals rich in vitamins wholefoods in good atmosphere supports health.
Ayurveda tradition says: Mostly high sensitive persons have also a Vata oversupply
(energy type „air“). Nutrition especially for your Dosha (types) balances you.
Well explained for example by Shri G. Balaji Thambé or Vasant Lad.

What is also important for high sensitive persons?


Resting phases (woman: 2x per day 11min./ man: 1x per day 31min.) Look good for yourself!  
This means in addition to moments of fixed rests also regular meals.
Find more valuable conversation – not being the flow heater of anybody.
High sensitive persons are good listener and quickly detected as such ones.
Strangers open their heart quickly as high sensitives feel themselves easily into the other person.
Afterwards though they have even more information to digest.


Keyword: Resilience – find compensation to work.
Important: Not to many dominant people in the near environment!  


New: In companies high sensitive persons as leaders are an enormous gain.
Highly appreciated leaders with a great social competence additionally to their expertise are the contrary to value decline in companies.

MOST IMPORTANT:                                                   Recognize yourself and do not compare to others. TAKE YOURSELF WHAT YOU NEED!

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